girl crushes

21 Jul

A while back at my RSblog I had a post titled GIRL CRUSHES – I would link to it now, if I hadn’t inadvertently deleted 3 MONTHS worth of posts, so instead I will re-create and even expound upon it, as Photographer Suzanne Cofer has since added another girlworthy of crushing on to her archives.

The ABOVE images are all of Alexandra Tapie. Aside from being super lovely, both looking and in personality, she is a rather talented musician, singer and artist…Cleveland is very lucky to have her…and ROOM SERVICE is lucky to have her art up for sale RIGHT NOW 🙂

The 2nd set of images above are all of ROXANNE STARNIK, who looks unbelievably ethereal in these stunning images. Roxanne, also an amazing singer is in JJ magazine and just released an album with her solo project, BLISSE.


xoxo Danielle

One Response to “girl crushes”

  1. Mike S July 23, 2010 at 1:26 am #

    The photo of Alexandra standing on the chair reminds me of The Virgin Suicides in a way…and eerily it feels like the setup to a hanging. Super fresh pic.

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