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25 Aug

What or Who is WARBY PARKER?  Well, as far as I can tell it’s just plain ol’ AWESOME, in the form of an affordable eyewear collection.

Apparently a group of 4 close friends got tired of prescription eyewear costing $300+ (me TOO!!!) and so they meticulously crafted their own collection of vintage-inspired yet fashion forward eyewear at a revolutionary price point…all glasses: $95.  dang.

check them out here.

PS !!  if your a clevelander or live in pittsburgh please don’t buy the same pair my friend Ryan already has or he’s gonna be super pissed at me for giving up this great resource…of course i have no idea which pair that is. Apparently his frame is the FILLMORE – so got that everyone?!?  nobody in Cleveland or Pittsburgh is allowed to by the Fillmores.  period. srsly.

hahhahhah (ryan we cool still bro?)

PSS !! Ryan: share and share alike 🙂

xoxo  Danielle

shop class

10 Aug

The latest episode of SHOP CLASS, the video series that Candra Squire of Salty Not Sweet Handmade Boutique and I Co-host for Ohio Authority is now up….

SHOP CLASS is Candra and I getting together and talking about the STUFF we carry in our stores…while drinking copious amounts of wine..

Past examples of our video shopping shenanigans can be found on OhioAuthority or here and here.

xoxo Danielle

copenhagen cycle stats

7 Aug

A long time ago on my RS blog, I posted about the site: COPENHAGEN CYCLE CHIC. Well, this morning while re-visiting this blog I was really kind of blown away by the post on Cycle Stats…so, apparently at different points in the city are counters of some sort tracking the number of cyclist that ride by each day and the cumulative number for the year…and the numbers….ARE.REALLY.REALLY.HIGH.  Like, for example, in this image below…

This reads:

You are cyclist number 5303 so far TODAY.

Out of 1,274,727 so far this year on this stretch.

I wonder if there was a counter in Cleveland, at say, the intersection of Detroit and W.25th, right at the start of the bridge, what that number might be….

xoxo Danielle

mom and pop vs the bulldozer

7 Aug

I’ve been going to Las Vegas for trade shows twice a year for the past four years. I usually stay at the Flamingo because it’s super cheap, and it’s right in the middle of the strip, which means that I can usually walk to where i need to be. Directly behind the Flamingo, and underneath the monorail is a small liquor store/Italian restaurant (that has “hole in the wall” in it’s name) that has been there for decades. I always go here to buy beer/whatever because it’s price point isn’t set at the “Vegas tourist” level. The obvious real estate trend on the strip is to plow over the old, and make room for the new super hotels, but it’s nice to see that these guys won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!