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kinda awesomes!

16 Sep

Before losing 3 months worth of blog posts over at my RS BLOG (still shedding tears over that) I had a regular post series called KINDA AWESOMES, the last remaining of which can be found  here …I decided to carry the series over to the new blog, this being the first post of what will likely continue to be an ongoing series.

So please enjoy this list of things that I personally consider to be….KINDA AWESOME:

100% Made In The USA menswear event….in Minnesota!!!  well that is definitely KINDA AWESOME! (found via selectism)

While it may be LESS THAN awesome that I find myself  moving yet AGAIN, it is KINDA AWESOME that Design*Sponge featured my home in BOTH their BEST OF BIKES feature as well as their BEST OF KITCHENS feature!

(You may or may not have seen my home featured in Design*Sponge’s Sneak Peek Series back in March – Check it out HERE)

Font lovers:  Have you been to LETTER PLAYGROUND yet?  well, if not head over there because it is….KINDA AWESOME!

Maybe I have been living under a rock, but somehow only JUST learned of this song DOG DAYS ARE OVER by FLORENCE + THE MACHINE…which i think is…yes, it’s true…KINDA AWESOME

I also think its more than just “KINDA” Awesome that Cleveland’s own, VALERIE MAYAN has been killing it on this season’s PROJECT RUNWAY show…check it all out HERE.  You can also click on Valerie as a FAN FAVORITE here: VOTE! (and i hope the 83% of you who did NOT vote during the primaries at least take a moment to support a local designer by casting your vote this time, 🙂

i don’t think i even need to know what the rest of this place looks like…these doors alone are…kinda awesome! (found here)

xoxoxo  danielle

Detroit Lives: Part 1

10 Sep

Palladium has produced this video series on the passion and creativity of Detroit’s young people and how they are creating a NEW Detroit on their own terms.

Starring Johnny Knoxville and featuring some of Detroits’ young entrepreneurs who look past the “pick and choose” journalism that is hyper focused on all the doom and gloom of it’s ailing economy and instead CHOOSE TO LOOK FOR THE OPPORTUNITY.

Featuring one  particularly inspiring “young dude” , Phil Cooley whom (besides being easy on the eyes) has a very similar attitude that I try to maintain about staying and making a difference in your own hometown.

i think this is pretty awesome…check it out:

past post on the subject of DETROIT found HERE

xoxo  danielle

no need for words on this one…

2 Sep

amazing images for days.  check out their other links if you have time.  they are all great!



rock hall ball

1 Sep

What are you doing this Friday September 3r?  I WILL BE AT THE ROCK HALL BALL…and I will tell you why…

I am a Clevelander.  I was proud when the Rock Hall came to Cleveland, and have attended a few exhibits over these last 15 years, as well as many a Wednesday outdoor concert, yet  I have not always felt a tremendous connection to the Rock Hall.

As an Ambassador to this years ROCK HALL BALL celebrating their 15 year anniversary, I have realized that I NEED TO CREATE my OWN connection to it. I am not really one to wait for things to come to me…as they usually don’t!

So I am going to start by celebrating and supporting them at this Friday’s party.

In the future I do hope to see exhibits that appeal more to my generation, like a grunge exhibit or a Brit Pop exhibit…something that I have more of a connection to, but in the meantime, I am going to go to the Rock Hall this Friday and attend an awesome party…not a bad start to our new relationship!


I have a DISCOUNT CODE below for the Platinum ticket (i.e, the ticket with the OPEN bar)

Platinum Ticket

8:30 PM – 2 AM

$55 for members / $65 for non-members
hors d’oeuvres / OPEN BEER & WINE

Live Entertainment featuring Foxy Shazam, DJ Tommie Sunshine and others

But alas, you can still come for only $15 after 10pm!

Vinyl Ticket

10 PM – 2 AM




The promotional code AMVIP should be entered into the “Special Offer” box


WHAT TO WEAR? It’s a ROCK INSPIRED suggested dress, but there is also a ROCK INSPIRED COSTUME contest of which I AM ONE OF THE JUDGES, So pull out all the stops!


Get to know: Foxy Shazam Get to know: DJ Tommie Sunshine

xoxoxo danielle