rock hall ball

1 Sep

What are you doing this Friday September 3r?  I WILL BE AT THE ROCK HALL BALL…and I will tell you why…

I am a Clevelander.  I was proud when the Rock Hall came to Cleveland, and have attended a few exhibits over these last 15 years, as well as many a Wednesday outdoor concert, yet  I have not always felt a tremendous connection to the Rock Hall.

As an Ambassador to this years ROCK HALL BALL celebrating their 15 year anniversary, I have realized that I NEED TO CREATE my OWN connection to it. I am not really one to wait for things to come to me…as they usually don’t!

So I am going to start by celebrating and supporting them at this Friday’s party.

In the future I do hope to see exhibits that appeal more to my generation, like a grunge exhibit or a Brit Pop exhibit…something that I have more of a connection to, but in the meantime, I am going to go to the Rock Hall this Friday and attend an awesome party…not a bad start to our new relationship!


I have a DISCOUNT CODE below for the Platinum ticket (i.e, the ticket with the OPEN bar)

Platinum Ticket

8:30 PM – 2 AM

$55 for members / $65 for non-members
hors d’oeuvres / OPEN BEER & WINE

Live Entertainment featuring Foxy Shazam, DJ Tommie Sunshine and others

But alas, you can still come for only $15 after 10pm!

Vinyl Ticket

10 PM – 2 AM




The promotional code AMVIP should be entered into the “Special Offer” box


WHAT TO WEAR? It’s a ROCK INSPIRED suggested dress, but there is also a ROCK INSPIRED COSTUME contest of which I AM ONE OF THE JUDGES, So pull out all the stops!


Get to know: Foxy Shazam Get to know: DJ Tommie Sunshine

xoxoxo danielle

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