24 Feb

I am not terrifically well travelled.  I have managed to get to most of our 50 states having spent significant time in many and simply passing through others, but my international status is pretty pathetic.  It was officially pathetic, boasting only Northern Mexico and Southern Canada until my dream trip to Paris 2 years ago.

So when the French officials were so laissez-faire about the customs process, and were going to allow me to pass through, UNSTAMPED, I was NOT having it!  I needed the tangible evidence of my new international status, and insisted they stamp my passport!

These last few years I have been busy growing my business and time to travel other than to trade shows has been near impossible.

Knowing that when our store, Dredgers Union opens this June, vacation time is going to be a laughable notion, I have decided, despite being super busy with Room Service and preparing for DU, to squeeze in a personal vacation.  I am leaving in about 10 minutes and headed overseas to spend about 2 weeks touring around Italy.

I am bringing my laptop with the intention of posting favorite pics and recaps of my travels, so check back for all the pictures I cannot wait to take!

found here.

xoxoxo danielle

One Response to “ciao!”

  1. Rachael February 25, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    omg, so jealous, have an amazing time!

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