arrivederci venice!

27 Feb

Well, I suppose if you are going to do Venice, Carnival really is the time to do it.  And well, if your going to do that, you really should DO it!

I dressed for the occasion and set out early yesterday so as to not miss out any of the festivites.  I had a great dinner at a seaside cafe then attended a concert in piazza san marco.

It was all a visual feast!  I am off to the train station now, Cinque Terre is next!

The image BELOW is the view of the streets from my hotel window.  Every little walkway crammed with people.

I love the image BELOW for several reasons…first of all, these little dudes were having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES, but i love little super hero’s all with their mommies…and i love how little batman dude, is just NOT impressed with the freddy krueger fight in front of him.

I had trouble sleeping and was up very early this morning, which it turns out, is the trick to capturing Venice at it’s finest hour…sunrise!  It was so beautiful, I HIGHLY recommend if you come here to do this one morning, go back to bed after, but it is totally worth it…


xooxoxo danielle

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