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Fall 11 Cleveland Plain Dealer Photo Shoot at the DU Today!

30 Aug

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is using the Dredgers Union lower level as a staging area for their Fall 11 Fashion Shoot. We’re also in the process of taking photos for our e commerce launch… so the number of camera clicks in the store today is mind blowing.

Dredgers Union Summer Clearance Sale this Friday!

23 Aug

One of these things is not like the other… Can you find what it is? See below.

Roar Along the Shore, “sea” you there!

16 Aug


Click HERE to buy tickets online.

Or stop by DREDGERS UNION or ROOM SERVICE and pick up your tickets today!


Cannot  wait!  “sea” you there!

xoxoxo Danielle

 (Correct Spelling should be: COBRA VERDE, typo is corrected on the printed flyer)

Dredgers Union Flash Sale!

10 Aug

We are having our first “Happy Hour Flash Sale”!

10% of your first item, 15% off your second item, 20% off your third item. Any item in the store!

And 30% off all bedding.

Noon til 6pm on Thursday, August 11th.

Yes sir!