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Happy Halloween from the DU Studio!

31 Oct

Our friend LT stopped in for a little costume help. He needed his “America Eagle” costume to come to life. He brought the parts, and Dana from the DU assembled this masterpiece. Go America!

keeping it in the neighborhood

25 Oct

We adore our neighbors across the way at Greenhouse Tavern, and last week for Cleveland Beer Week they gave us yet another reason to love them more.

It’s been years since Three Floyds Brewing has been able to send their delicious brew into Ohio and in honor of them coming back, the lovelies over at Greenhouse decided to have a wildly extravagant evening of food and beer pairings prepared by two of Food & Wines Best New Chefs, Jonathon Sawyer of GH and Michael Sheerin of Three Floyds brew pub.  The night started with an array of fried snacks aka Best of Deep Fryer, including scotched quail eggs and stuffed padron peppers served with Gumball Head pale wheat beer.  The place was filled to the brim with foodies and beer lovers who wigged out over the appetizers but somehow managed to save a little room for the five courses to follow.

Dinner was, in true Greenhouse style, enormous in size and taste.  From duck ”mittens”, smoked sturgeon and beef shin(check the photo with a quarter for scale, wha!?!?!) to stuffed peppers and wild mushroom fregola for the vegetarians. Everything was phenomenal and perfect with the Three Floyds beer.   The finale was some of the best and most creative doughnuts any of us have ever had, coconut cream and fruity pebbles and pb&j, to name a few.

photos by paul sobota photography

Thanks for an awesome night greenhouse, we will see you soon!

closet visit

18 Oct

I only just “stumbled upon” (double entendre !) the amazing CLOSET VISIT, but I am already addicted!  The Artist/Photographer, Jeana Sohn, visits the closets of some notoriously stylish women, then essentially seems to play dress up photo shoot with them!  I think it would be such a fun exercise to take one’s own wardrobe out of their closet, put it onto a rolling rack in a different setting and put inspiring outfits together like you were styling a shoot and not just getting dressed for work in the morning.  Sometimes, staring at the same assortment in the same dark closet day after day can be so uninspiring, but seeing these women’s closet’s makes me wonder what kind of outfits I could pull together with my own wardrobe.  Perhaps it’s my old days of being a stylist that make this particularly alluring an exercise to me, but I cannot help but imagine it.

Well Jeana has recently taken it to the next level by collaborating with another artist, Claire Cottrell.  Together, they have turned these ‘dress up photo sessions’ into dreamy short films.

Check out their first collab:  Closet Visit No. 1 :

Mathilde, their latest video, which I have included below, is this sort of Lolita meets Alice and Wonderland meets Virgin Suicides dreamy little video.


xoxoxo danielle

originally spied the Closet visit series on Honestly WTF blog.

behind the scenes

12 Oct

Awhile back one of my best friends, Hannah, who is a Photographer currently based here in Cleveland, came in to shoot some images around our office and design studio.  She just quietly moved about taking images stealthily as we went about our business.  These are the resulting images.  I meant to post this months ago, but admittedly the file got lost in the insanity that had for the last several months, been known as my computer desktop.  Having finally organized and thus found said file, I would like to share this unique perspective now.

More of Hannah’s photography can be found on her website:

xoxox  Danielle

Dredgers Union Website is now Live!

11 Oct

Photos of the DU Movie Party

8 Oct

another picture day

6 Oct

Scott from Aperture in Tremont took Sean and I on a roving picture day in the area surrounding our downtown store today.  No digital here, he was experimenting with a very cool old 70’s model Polaroid and another manual camera. Even though I realize he is a purist (most of the time) and is therefore unlikely to Photoshop to make us look thinner and younger than we are, it was still a lot of fun!  Thanks Scott!!!

below is my cell phone camera snap shop of Scott shooting Sean.

We met Scott, when Positively Cleveland (CLE +) hired him to shoot our image for the travel guide for the city (shown here below:)

Check out Aperture in Tremont or their blog online.  Below is a series of Ohio City polaroids I discovered on their blog:

Happy Weekend!

xoxox  danielle

Stash Style pop up shop at the DU tomorrow!

6 Oct

stash style pop up shop at the dredgers union

Check out the progress for the Stash Style pop up shop! Tomorrow 7pm to 11pm, and Saturday 11am to 5pm. Don’t miss it!

Shannon Vance, owner of Stash Style says:

“For the past 2 years I have been working on a documentary of sorts about the life of a treasure hunter. I have a passion for turning one man’s junk into something creative. The 22 min film will show at 7:30 & 9:00 with live music and shopping at my pop-up shop in between. Its really just another great reason for a party!!! We will provide light fare and libations! If you haven’t yet checked out the Dredgers Union its a must. Super chic merchandise for you and your home. Check my profile regularly for photo’s and a 2 min sizzle real of the movie!”

Dredgers Union Movie Party and Fall Hoodies!

4 Oct

Dredgers Union x Go Media

1 Oct

We’re stoked to be a part of an upcoming Go Media project!