closet visit

18 Oct

I only just “stumbled upon” (double entendre !) the amazing CLOSET VISIT, but I am already addicted!  The Artist/Photographer, Jeana Sohn, visits the closets of some notoriously stylish women, then essentially seems to play dress up photo shoot with them!  I think it would be such a fun exercise to take one’s own wardrobe out of their closet, put it onto a rolling rack in a different setting and put inspiring outfits together like you were styling a shoot and not just getting dressed for work in the morning.  Sometimes, staring at the same assortment in the same dark closet day after day can be so uninspiring, but seeing these women’s closet’s makes me wonder what kind of outfits I could pull together with my own wardrobe.  Perhaps it’s my old days of being a stylist that make this particularly alluring an exercise to me, but I cannot help but imagine it.

Well Jeana has recently taken it to the next level by collaborating with another artist, Claire Cottrell.  Together, they have turned these ‘dress up photo sessions’ into dreamy short films.

Check out their first collab:  Closet Visit No. 1 :

Mathilde, their latest video, which I have included below, is this sort of Lolita meets Alice and Wonderland meets Virgin Suicides dreamy little video.


xoxoxo danielle

originally spied the Closet visit series on Honestly WTF blog.

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