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Winner of the First ever Hunt in the 216!

26 Nov

Meet the grand prize winner of the first ever Hunt in the 216!

Kelly F. rushed here through a blizzard, a hurricane, and tornado to be the first person to relay the message contained in the puzzle pieces…  Not really, we had the nicest weather possible yesterday, but she did have to fight a few traffic lights.  She said that she even discovered some new local businesses along the way.

We Are Super Stoked! was the secret message.

We will be doing more of the Hunt in the 216 events in the future with new twists and turns!

Special visitor from the North Pole at Dredgers Union!

25 Nov

Holy Christmas! Look who is hanging out at the DU today!

Santa sure does put a lot of effort into making sure he’s pretty…

Here is Jen explaining to him the do’s and don’ts of the DU…

Jen, Santa, and Danielle…

Santa tells some funny jokes…

Santa looks a little familiar up close…

Sean was just told he’s getting a dirt bike and a bb gun for Christmas!

Come down to the DU and see what Santa has for you!

Final Clue for Hunt in the 216!

25 Nov

Here it is…  The final clue for the first ever DU Hunt in the 216!

In the heart of downtown this time I will stay,
On this glorious, victorious, final clue day.
To a street formerly known as Sheriff I will go,
And find a place that sells a “crush”, and the stuff we call Joe.

Then I’m gonna book it to DU and win!

Remember, the first person to relay the message on the puzzle pieces wins $100 gift card, and gets to name a piece from the DU S12 line, and get that piece in his or her size when the line is released.  No phone calls, you must be here in person to win…

Also, anyone that comes in with the completed message after the winner gets 20% their entire purchase at the DU today!

The city of Cleveland was also kind enough to offer free metered parking downtown today in honor of the release of today’s final clue!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!!!

Black Friday at the DU

23 Nov

We’re extending our hours for Black Friday! Mostly to make way for our very special guest coming straight from the North Pole. Who could it be???

Also, we’re proud to announce that we have just received our DU Fall 11 outerwear!

Dredgers Union “On the Map” Video

22 Nov

Below is the Dredgers Union segment from the “On the Map” video series created by Go Media.  They dropped by the DU a few months back to chat with Sean and Danielle.

On the Map is a video series featuring the people and places that make Cleveland a creative, culturally rich, and inspiring place to live and work.”

Check it out!

Hunt in the 216 Clue #3

21 Nov

Here is the third clue for the epic saga that has become Hunt in the 216!

From the heart of downtown a bit South I would travel,
To trees and grass where nearby clues would unravel.
This open air space in honor of old Abe,
Has as its neighbor a beanery in its shade.

Be the first person to know what all 4 puzzle pieces say and share that with a member of the DU staff to win!  Be kind to your fellow competitors…  If you find the last puzzle piece in any location, just write down its message and leave it for the next person.  Or maybe not.  Depends on how bad you want to win.  Haha.

The final clue will be released on Friday morning at 10am.  Something tells me there is going to be a “foot race”.

Good Luck!

Xmas tree has arrived at the DU!

18 Nov

Thanks to Lowe’s Greenhouse, (no, not the corporate mega home repair chain) for delivering us ten feet of holiday cheer!  The smell of pine is bringing all of us back to happy childhood memories…  except for the time that my mom got me a wagon full of coal.  If only I could remember what I did to deserve it.  Haha!

Below is a photo of the 25 ton giant being loaded into our store:

Just Kidding…  Below are the for real photos.

DU Hunt in the 216 Clue #2

17 Nov

Here the second clue for the DU Hunt in the 216:

From the heart of downtown East I must go,
To see an independent moving picture show.
Next to the theater stands an Irishman’s bar,
within it a cigarette machine, to the back but not far.

We’re also sweetening the pot by adding to the grand prize.  In addition to a $100 gift card to the Dredgers Union, the winner will also get to name a style from the upcoming DU Spring 12 line, and get a free piece in his or her size!

Remember, to win you must be the first person to know what all four of the puzzle pieces are, and then relay that information to a member of the DU staff.  The next clue will be released on Monday at 11am.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

DU Hunt in the 216 Clue #1

14 Nov

Here is the first clue that will lead to the first piece of the puzzle for the Hunt in the 216:

From the heart of downtown I headed due West.
I was craving a hot dog, and wanted the best.
After 58 blocks I entered this place,
and saw a peculiar bulletin space…

Use this clue to lead you to the first piece of the puzzle.  Collect the piece, or write down it’s message as you will need to know what all 4 puzzle pieces say to win.

Remember, 14 Days, 4 Clues, and 1 Grand Prize! Be the first to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and you win!

The next clue will be posted this Thursday at 11am.  Improve your chances of winning by keeping any puzzle pieces that you find a secret.

Good Luck!

Hunt in the 216 Update!

11 Nov

We wanted to show you what the “Puzzle Pieces” for the Hunt in the 216 will look like.  Below is a top secret photograph of one of the puzzle pieces  you will be looking for in each of the 4 locations.

First Clue will be given this Monday, November 14th at 11am!

Once again, 14 Days, 4 Clues, 1 Grand Prize…

PS.  If you see an advertisement below, we did not put it there!