DU Staff Picks of the Week! 12/23 – 12/29

23 Dec

We’re evolving the Friday to Friday sale to include individual perspectives and thoughtful insights from one of the unique members of the DU staff!

Dredgers Union assistant manger Ned Breznai picks this weeks items.  And the timing couldn’t be better, considering that Ned was kind enough to throw on a Santa costume for the kids a few weeks back.

So Ned, what are your Staff Picks of the Week?

Womens – DU Day Trip Dress
Sleeved dresses are very chic in my opinion. The short length keeps it young, but perfect to pair with a pair of matte tights. It’s a fun mod style, perfect for all kinds of girls! Completely versatile, can transition from a day spent at the West Side Market or grabbing drinks with friends.

Mens – DU Waxed Cotton “H” Jacket
Waxed cotton is amazing. The jacket will crease and it’s patina will be completely unique. The Dredger’s version is a contemporary flattering version of the bulky competitors. I feel like a Scottish sailor whenever I put it on. This jacket will compliment Cleveland’s seasons.

Do you have any memorable Holiday Stories you would like to share with the class?

My family is completely crazy (in the best way possible). One year we were celebrating at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. My Uncle and I were given the job of lighting the wood burning fireplace. We forgot to check if the flue was open, and went ahead lighting the fire. Next thing I know smoke is billowing into the living room, and everyone needed to evacuate the house. My Uncle saved Christmas that year when he shove his hands up the light fire and pushed the flue open. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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