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Movin’ and Shakin’

30 Jan

We’ve moved some things around, and even gone upside down… We had some new shipments come in as well as a restock of some private label staples… Come see!


Boutique Bridal Bazaar!

29 Jan


Happening now, great turnout! Fashion show about to start!

Dredgers Union cover story.

26 Jan

Danielle and Sean from the Dredgers Union are on this week’s cover of Scene Magazine. The article is about the power, place, and need of independent retail. You can read it online here.

Giveaway Winner

25 Jan


Brianna Lutz!  You were the 1st person to leave a comment and thus the winner!  We will email you details about how to get your tickets and I will see you Sunday!



DIY BRIDE? i’ve got a GIVEAWAY!!!

25 Jan

Well, in 2011 when I was in the midst of attending 6 weddings in a 2 month time period, admiring the unique ways people chose to celebrate their own ‘big day’; I had no idea that within a year the tables would be turned and I would be figuring out, alongside my now fiance, Wes, how we wanted to celebrate our own big day!

Having a little experience with planning events, ours is really coming together quite nicely and we are so excited but one can NEVER have enough inspiration!  I find myself insatiable for blogs, magazines and personal anecdotes on the topic and boy have I gotten lucky with this week!!

Not only has our own Dredgers Union Women’s Designer: Dana Sobota, recently told the story of her DIY wedding to the Plain Dealer (I attended this gorgeous one-of-a-kind wedding this past labor day weekend and it was stunning!) but this Sunday, Dredgers Union’s lower level will play location host to Cleveland’s 1st BOUTIQUE BRIDAL BAZAAR a DIY Bridal show hosted by the lovely and amazing duo at Something White Bridal Boutique.

Look how beautiful the setting was at Dana’s wedding (of course not half so much so as the bride herself!):

Interested in attending this Sunday’s BOUTIQUE BRIDAL BAZAAR?  Then be the first person to leave a comment on our blog stating as much and I have got TWO FREE TICKETS FOR YOU!!!

Get your tickets in advance for this Sunday’s bridal show here: TICKETS

View Dana’s DIY WEDDING TIPS here: Plain Dealer

And of course, stay tuned in September 2012 for pics from my own wedding!



Further Price Reductions at the Dredgers Union Annual Sale!

20 Jan

Prices are dropping even lower on select items.  Up to 75% off!

Mens Fall 2012 buying trip

19 Jan

As the mens buyer (among many other things) for the Dredgers Union, I go to New York twice a year on buying trips where I select, or “buy” merchandise that will be in the DU for future seasons.  I typically go to trade shows and see what’s happening in the world of menswear and mens accessories.  The past two seasons were not all that impressive, due mostly, in my opinion, to the economic downturn causing designers to “play it safe”.  We’re on the back end of a strong resurgence of the “work wear” look, so what’s next?

I was happy to see designers and labels coming out of their shells a little bit and taking some risks.  Boring and Safe are never good trends to subscribe to.  Here are some images from one day of my trip this week.

The two shows i had to see were located in lower Manhattan.  This, along with the show discount, had me staying in the Soho Grand Hotel.  By far the nicest hotel stay I have ever had for any NY trip.

The early morning walk to my first show of the day, Project.

Most shows are getting smaller as more and more brands are going out of biz.  Project used to be around 2,000 brands.  Now there are just 150, and you might walk by thinking it’s just a restaurant…

The other show I go to is called (capsule).  This show started about 5 years ago and was just 40 brands.  My old label, WRATH ARCANE, was one of them.  (Capsule) is one of the few shows that has seen growth, with  well over 300 brands from around the world.  But their turnover rate is high.  I would say at least 20% of the brands won’t be there next season.  The market is just too competitive.

Inside one wing of (capsule).

This is the view from the lounge/dj booth.  The dj is a friend of mine from the old WRATH ARCANE days.  We used to get a bit tipsy together in Vegas.  The show has grown enough so that his dj booth was situated above the show, with it’s own bar, barbershop, and shoe shine stand.  He was stoked and called it, “pretty pimp”.

One section of (capsule) was “outdoorsy”.  They even had woodchips all over the floor.  It smelled nice, but was a bit over the top.  Haha.

On my way back to the hotel I noticed that someone had hung Christmas lights under a construction walkway to make the experience more enjoyable…

I ended the day by reviewing a fabric binder dropped of at the hotel for me by one of the DU fabric vendors.  I was looking for fabrics for DU F12…  and maybe having some beers.

3 Free Items at the DU!

13 Jan

Are you kidding me??? We’re hiding 3 free items within our Annual Sale. One Womens item, one Mens item, and one Home/Gift item is totally free at the DU!. They’re not marked, they could be anywhere, and you won’t know until you go to buy something from our Sale section. It’s almost as sweet as winning the lottery, only your friends won’t be crawling out of the woodwork asking you for $$$.

Our Sale signs are as big as a sail…

12 Jan

Our Sale signs are as big as a sail… which is pretty good considering that our Sale is huge!

25% to 75% off hundreds of items! One could say that our Annual Sale is a bit “out of control”.  Great deals can be found on our site, but even more deals to be had in our store!

ANNUAL SALE! 25% to 60% off at the Dredgers Union

9 Jan

We’re kicking off our Annual Sale at the Dredgers Union!  Take 25% to 60% off hundreds of specially marked items!  We have updated our website with “SALE” sections, but there are many more deals to be found in our flagship store.