how the 50/50 show works

29 Jun

The 50/50 show was designed to allow art lovers an opportunity to purchase works at a very affordable price.

* located next to each work of art you will find a box, simply fill out the tabs of the ballots that will be located throughout the space with your name and drop it into the box of the pieces you INTEND TO PURCHASE (PLEASE DO NOT STUFF THE BOX WITH MULTIPLE NAME SLIPS, IF THIS HAPPENS YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR CHANCE TO PURCHASE THE ART.)

*At around 9:15, a name will be drawn from the box and placed next to the piece of artwork.

*Once the names are placed next to the works they will be available for purchase, please locate a Six representative to buy your art.  We ask that ALL purchases be taken home this evening.

*In the event that piece has not been purchased by 9:30, another name will be drawn. A name will then be drawn every 15 minutes thereafter until the piece is sold.

Have Fun and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

I’ve had a sneak peek as the works have been hung and there are going to be some lucky and happy art buyers tonight!



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