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14 Mar


It’s easy to get distracted by all the new signage on East Fourth, but next time you find yourself down here, I recommend looking up! There are so many architectural details that make this small block unique.


The building that now hosts The Dredgers Union was originally a Five & Dime called McCrory’s. This is the original signage that can be seen above the second story windows.


The Frederick Building above Erie Island Coffee has the neatest contrast of blue window frames with large white subway tile siding.





This building is technically on Prospect, but I have always admired the sleek black tile in contrast with the exposed brick texture.


One of my favorite details on the street are the remnants of painted advertisements on the sides of buildings.



Next time you find yourself in Dredgers Union, be sure the check out our book “East Fourth Street: The Rise, Decline, and Rebirth of an Urban Cleveland Street”, written by Alan F. Dutka ($19.95). It’ll provide you with an in-depth look at some of the beautiful buildings I’ve posted here, as well as many other interesting facts about the awesomeness that is East 4th!


speaking of walking in a park: NYC’s THE HIGH LINE

8 Mar

This is the High Line during it’s years of use.  (To mostly passengers between 1934 – 1960’s).  And Below are some images of what the High Line turned into after it’s last use (carrying a few frozen chickens in 1980).  Not to say it was not beautiful in it’s own romantic sort of way, but certainly not safe or functional.  (these images by Joel Sternfeld by way of The High website.)

In 1999 two guys who lived in the neighborhood of the High Line, started Friends of the High Line and their efforts to save the tracks and have them re-purposed as a pedestrian park were underway.  It didn’t happen over night but in 2006 the project was underway, led by world class firm JAMES CORNER FIELD OPERATIONS. 

Check out this video that much better explains this amazing project below:

ATTN: CLEVELANDERS:  Take note as FIELD OPERATIONS is the same firm that was commissioned to re-imagine our own PUBLIC SQUARE!  We too can have a world class park! Check out the PROJECTS section of their website then click on Cleveland’s Public Square.  Now look at the images below of the High Line today and take note of the billions of dollars worth of development that has been spurred on around this park as a direct result of this project.   We too could see the same kind of positive impacts, from a functional, beautiful, world class make over of our city’s center.

Below are images taken from the High’s website:

Below is a pic of the DU buying assistant, Jen Allanson and the RS buying assistant, Jennie Doran while on a recent trip to NYC and (of course) the High Line.

Anyhow, I just love the High Line and want so badly to be able to walk to Public Square on my lunch break and have the same sort of experience.  And I can’t help but think of all the amazing potential projects, businesses, buildings etc that would pop up around it.




2 Mar

The largest concentration of light to the lower right of this image (long island is noticeable) is NYC.  Can you find CLEVELAND on this?!!

thanks for the image westleigh! xo




The Cleveland Report

28 Feb

Another great project has come out from our friends Hallie and Eric from shark&minnow and TedxCLE.  It is called THE CLEVELAND REPORT.

Below is a blurb from their site and a link to the survey.  Please help by taking 3 minutes to complete this survey.  See the desciption of their latest project in their own words, below:

”  <<In the recent years there have been a number of studies done. Most of those studies have been done by research firms and many deal with population density or land use. What’s missing here?  In our opinion, it’s the voice of the citizen. The voice of the people that choose – despite oftentimes how Cleveland is represented in the media, the ups & downs of the local economy, and many other factors – to make a life here.
The Clevelander Report is being conducted by two Clevelanders who chose to return – citizens themselves. The report will be used to help, amongst other things, encourage others to realize the benefits of making a life on the Northcoast. Our hope is that data can be used by City/County officials as well as civic organizations to guide their efforts in a direction that addresses the wants & needs of current Clevelanders & potential citizens.>>

This report has the potential to be the most comprehensive study of Clevelanders conducted in the last decade.  It is not a census – what makes this different is that this study focuses on attitudes towards Cleveland.  Not just where you are, but why.

We could use your help in the following ways:

Take the survey (here).
Encourage others to take the survey.
Promote through your social networks, email newsletters, etc.

Let’s drive our city’s future, based on real ideas, from actual citizens.  Thanks in advance for your help (and not judging us on the highly impersonal mass email)!

Hallie & Eric    ”

I took the survey the other day and it didn’t take any time at all, I can’t wait to see some of the results of this.



Mom & Pop in the 216 thru images…

16 Feb

Thank you to everyone who participated in, came to, or even just thought about the first ever Mom & Pop in the 216. Ned from the Dredgers Union took these images on the morning of the second day…

MADE IN THE 216 taking submissions now!

15 Feb

It seems we just had a MADE IN THE 216 event, but it is that time again.  At least, for the planning stages of it.

This summer the event will be back in the event space of DREDGERS UNION with a new look and new vendors too!  Your favorite vendors will, of course, be back, but in addition we are currently accepting submissions between now and APRIL 15th – (TAX DAY!  !!) of new item from Cleveland area based designers/makers/creators/.

The event draws thousands and has created an audience to first time designers and created brand recognition for others.

submissions are NOT accepted in person or without an appointment, all submissions must first go through email to:


We will reply to every submission within a week or so.

Please email us with:

  • 2-4 images of your goods
  • brief description of your product
  • brief description of your brand.
  • current pricing information if you have it.
  • your name
  • your email & phone number
  • whether or not you have ever attended a ‘216’ event in the past
  • list of other events (if any) you have participated in
  • list of stores (if any) which currently carry your line

or go to and click the link to submissions which looks like:

looking forward to seeing what submissions come our way!



make it a local-centric kind of Friday night!

8 Feb

So rarely (if ever) do I get political from my business platforms, but I would be remiss if I did not make a point to suggest that whether you come to the Mom & Pop friday from 4-10pm at Dredgers Union or not ( and oh I hope that you do, it is going to be such a cool event and we are so proud of it and so excited for it and want so badly to share it with you all!!!), that you at least go to one of the CLEVELAND MUSIC CLUB COALITION venues Friday night and see live local music in support of stopping the admission tax on live music.

That said, Sean and I are tidying up loose ends, hanging signs, getting ready for the big weekend here and we hope that you are excited too! Because many of your favorite CLE stores – check the list here will be on hand this weekend in one convenient location and with new and SALE merchandise to boot!

See you this weekend!



Mom & Pop in the 216!

6 Feb

We are so proud of how this event is shaping up. Friday, Feb 10th from 4pm to 10pm and Saturday Feb 11th, 11am to 5pm, come to the Dredgers Union and witness the retail superstars that can truly call themselves “Mom & Pops in the 216”! 13 area retailers under one roof with products ranging from apparel, to jewelry, to home goods, to cameras and beyond.  Vendors will have an assortment of full price merchandise as well as discounted goods.  This event has something for everyone!

Participating retailers are:
Banyan Tree
Blue Envelope
CLE Clothing Co.
Dredgers Union
Evie Lou
Green Roots Collection
Lingg Showroom
Lizzy & Jane
Ohio Knitting Mills
Room Service

For the opening party on Frday,  Happy Dog will be providing delicious hot dogs and adult beverages in honor of the Cleveland Music Club Coalition and DJ Peter Pleasure Cruise will be spinning the 1’s and 2’s.

DU & Boutique Bridal Bazaar

2 Feb

I haven’t had a chance to really post since this past Sunday’s BBB event held in the event space at DU.   I have been busy in NYC on a Buying trip, but I just had to share a few pics from the bridal event as it was a GREAT SUCCESS!  To be clear, it was not a Dredgers Union event.  The event was conceived by, organzied by and hosted by the lovely ladies of SOMETHING WHITE bridal shop in Independence Ohio.

They did a great job, there was a tremendous turn out and the vendor selection was fantastic.  Another great Cleveland event we were proud to be a part of!  Thanks ladies and Congrats!



Dredgers Union cover story.

26 Jan

Danielle and Sean from the Dredgers Union are on this week’s cover of Scene Magazine. The article is about the power, place, and need of independent retail. You can read it online here.