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Free Haircuts at MADE in the 216!

13 Jun

Our good friend Chuck Falk will be giving free haircuts at our Made in the 216 event this Friday!  Some of you may know him as the world famous male model for Brigade, others may know him from his reputation as one kick ass barber.  216 is gonna rule!


12 Apr

This is a great article about TEDxCLE which is put on by  two really good friends of the DU.  Eric and Hallie’s event, TED x CLE has grown to become a force to be reckoned with.  And if you feel like getting a little background info on this dynamic duo, below is a link to a video of Eric proposing to Hallie and becoming shall we say, emotional…  awwwhhhhh….  We love you guys!

Here is that romantic video…  It gets really good at around minute 10.  enjoy!

Details article

2 Apr

Here is a link to the article in Details magazine about the “Rustbelt” that features a handful of Cleveland’s creatives, entrepreneurs, and chefs…

The Cleveland Report

28 Feb

Another great project has come out from our friends Hallie and Eric from shark&minnow and TedxCLE.  It is called THE CLEVELAND REPORT.

Below is a blurb from their site and a link to the survey.  Please help by taking 3 minutes to complete this survey.  See the desciption of their latest project in their own words, below:

”  <<In the recent years there have been a number of studies done. Most of those studies have been done by research firms and many deal with population density or land use. What’s missing here?  In our opinion, it’s the voice of the citizen. The voice of the people that choose – despite oftentimes how Cleveland is represented in the media, the ups & downs of the local economy, and many other factors – to make a life here.
The Clevelander Report is being conducted by two Clevelanders who chose to return – citizens themselves. The report will be used to help, amongst other things, encourage others to realize the benefits of making a life on the Northcoast. Our hope is that data can be used by City/County officials as well as civic organizations to guide their efforts in a direction that addresses the wants & needs of current Clevelanders & potential citizens.>>

This report has the potential to be the most comprehensive study of Clevelanders conducted in the last decade.  It is not a census – what makes this different is that this study focuses on attitudes towards Cleveland.  Not just where you are, but why.

We could use your help in the following ways:

Take the survey (here).
Encourage others to take the survey.
Promote through your social networks, email newsletters, etc.

Let’s drive our city’s future, based on real ideas, from actual citizens.  Thanks in advance for your help (and not judging us on the highly impersonal mass email)!

Hallie & Eric    ”

I took the survey the other day and it didn’t take any time at all, I can’t wait to see some of the results of this.



Mom & Pop in the 216!

6 Feb

We are so proud of how this event is shaping up. Friday, Feb 10th from 4pm to 10pm and Saturday Feb 11th, 11am to 5pm, come to the Dredgers Union and witness the retail superstars that can truly call themselves “Mom & Pops in the 216”! 13 area retailers under one roof with products ranging from apparel, to jewelry, to home goods, to cameras and beyond.  Vendors will have an assortment of full price merchandise as well as discounted goods.  This event has something for everyone!

Participating retailers are:
Banyan Tree
Blue Envelope
CLE Clothing Co.
Dredgers Union
Evie Lou
Green Roots Collection
Lingg Showroom
Lizzy & Jane
Ohio Knitting Mills
Room Service

For the opening party on Frday,  Happy Dog will be providing delicious hot dogs and adult beverages in honor of the Cleveland Music Club Coalition and DJ Peter Pleasure Cruise will be spinning the 1’s and 2’s.

Dredgers Union cover story.

26 Jan

Danielle and Sean from the Dredgers Union are on this week’s cover of Scene Magazine. The article is about the power, place, and need of independent retail. You can read it online here.

American Made

4 Nov

It’s rare that background stories from the factory make it to the retail floor. This is one that has to be shared…

Our factory was running late on the second delivery of our Dredgers Union womens line. They knew we had set a date for our “Fall Collection Release Open House”, but were still having trouble making the deadline, given the days that shipping would add.

So they personally drove the balance from Chicago to our store last night.

Try getting that done overseas.

Dredgers Union Website is now Live!

11 Oct


6 Jul

If you are in Cleveland and you are not here… then there might be a problem…

The Dredgers Union Store

29 Jan

“Please allow us to introduce ourselves…”

The Dredgers Union store will be opening in Summer, 2011.  Located in the heart of Cleveland’s E4th St, the 4,500 sq foot store will feature a wide variety of home goods and mens’ and womens’ apparel.

As co-proprietors, Danielle and I have tapped into our years of collective retail/design/branding experience to build a store from the ground up that is not only unique to Cleveland, but also to the region and beyond.  We looked at our previously individual efforts in Room Service, Made in  the 216, and Wrath Arcane, and combined the best elements and experiences from each of them into the Dredgers Union.

Within these two categories of home goods and apparel, there will be a Dredgers Union private label mixed in with other select brands from all over the world.  The private label will be designed in the Dredgers Union lower level, and manufactured in the US.  We will also be working on collaborations with other established apparel and home goods brands from all over the world.

We will be posting more about brands and the store in the weeks and months to come.  We couldn’t be more excited!

Here are some photos of what we’ve been up too.  Much more to come!!!

Sean holding up a “mock flag” for the storefront design.

Danielle on the day we first saw the inside of the space.

The stairs leading from the sales floor to the lower level and design studios/offices.

Dana working on our “mock flag”.