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Detroit Lives: Part 1

10 Sep

Palladium has produced this video series on the passion and creativity of Detroit’s young people and how they are creating a NEW Detroit on their own terms.

Starring Johnny Knoxville and featuring some of Detroits’ young entrepreneurs who look past the “pick and choose” journalism that is hyper focused on all the doom and gloom of it’s ailing economy and instead CHOOSE TO LOOK FOR THE OPPORTUNITY.

Featuring one  particularly inspiring “young dude” , Phil Cooley whom (besides being easy on the eyes) has a very similar attitude that I try to maintain about staying and making a difference in your own hometown.

i think this is pretty awesome…check it out:

past post on the subject of DETROIT found HERE

xoxo  danielle

no need for words on this one…

2 Sep

amazing images for days.  check out their other links if you have time.  they are all great!



copenhagen cycle stats

7 Aug

A long time ago on my RS blog, I posted about the site: COPENHAGEN CYCLE CHIC. Well, this morning while re-visiting this blog I was really kind of blown away by the post on Cycle Stats…so, apparently at different points in the city are counters of some sort tracking the number of cyclist that ride by each day and the cumulative number for the year…and the numbers….ARE.REALLY.REALLY.HIGH.  Like, for example, in this image below…

This reads:

You are cyclist number 5303 so far TODAY.

Out of 1,274,727 so far this year on this stretch.

I wonder if there was a counter in Cleveland, at say, the intersection of Detroit and W.25th, right at the start of the bridge, what that number might be….

xoxo Danielle

mom and pop vs the bulldozer

7 Aug

I’ve been going to Las Vegas for trade shows twice a year for the past four years. I usually stay at the Flamingo because it’s super cheap, and it’s right in the middle of the strip, which means that I can usually walk to where i need to be. Directly behind the Flamingo, and underneath the monorail is a small liquor store/Italian restaurant (that has “hole in the wall” in it’s name) that has been there for decades. I always go here to buy beer/whatever because it’s price point isn’t set at the “Vegas tourist” level. The obvious real estate trend on the strip is to plow over the old, and make room for the new super hotels, but it’s nice to see that these guys won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!


pechakucha + hidden outdoor location i never knew of = magical evening.

28 Jul

I have been to many of the PechaKucha nights in the past, I even presented at the one that was held under the bridge during last years’ Pop Up City BRIDGE PROJECT (still one of my fav all time Cleveland events)…but I am PARTICULARLY excited about this one, not just because of the list of presenters that looks great, including my friends Charity and Sara but because I am SO EXCITED about the location!

all the days before tomorrow

27 Jul

image found here

I am taking a break from writing a presentation I have to give in a few days and feeling like I have seen just about every other movie worth seeing on my apple tv, I rented ALL THE DAYS BEFORE TOMORROW, I have never heard of it and rented it simply because it was directed by a French Director and I tend to love French movies…so far, it’s pretty uninspiring…that is until this little bit of dialogue occurred:

Directed by: François Dompierre

Dialogue between the characters Wes and Allison:

Wes:  Do you see it [your future] as this thing far far away full of ideals and wonderful impossible things?  or do you see it as the next hour, the next morning?

Allison:  Does it really matter?

Wes:  I think so, one definitely feels better than the other, I think that’s what matters…

This struck such a chord with me.  KNOW HOPE.

xoxoxo  Danielle

machines and the human touch

21 Jul

I often try to put as much of a “human touch” on anything that I make with a computer. From graphics to music, it seems that “personality” can be easily left out by letting the machine do most of the work.

The DREDGERS UNION header at the top of this page was made by placing each letter in, one at a time, by hand.  I like the slight “tension” created by the letters not being perfectly aligned, as they would have been if I had simply typed them and let the computer decide where each letter was going to be placed.

There are plenty of opportunities in the design process to step in and take some of the control back from the computer.  This post on Design Sponge falls in line with this idea.


1% ideas 99% perspiration

20 Jul

I recently stumbled upon a post on Cool Hunting about

the 99% Percent Conference

It’s time to stop dreaming and start DOING….THIS is what the 99% Conference – which was named from Thomas Edison’s famous quote that “Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration”,  is all about.

I was asked to host a civic dialogue at local coffee shop, Phoenix Coffee this past weekend and one of the questions I was asked was:  “what do you think is the biggest road block to someone following their dreams” and my answer was “themselves”.

Lot’s of us come up with great ideas, but often times don’t ever execute them, as we are waiting for ‘the perfect time’ or ‘i don’t have enough money’ or whatever the road block is, and let me tell you, those that actually get to idea execution are NOT just independently rich loafers with a ton of free time…i promise that much…

check it all out here.

xoxo  Danielle