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Hunt in the 216 Update!

11 Nov

We wanted to show you what the “Puzzle Pieces” for the Hunt in the 216 will look like.  Below is a top secret photograph of one of the puzzle pieces  you will be looking for in each of the 4 locations.

First Clue will be given this Monday, November 14th at 11am!

Once again, 14 Days, 4 Clues, 1 Grand Prize…

PS.  If you see an advertisement below, we did not put it there!

Hunt in the 216!

9 Nov

Starting on Monday, November 14th, We will start posting clues on our Facebook page that will lead to 4 locations.  At each of these locations will be a piece to a puzzle that will ultimately lead to a grand prize of a $100 gift certificate to the Dredgers Union.  Each of the 4 locations will be within 7 miles of the Dredgers Union.

First Clue coming Monday, November 14th at 11am.

Be sure to “like” Dredgers Union on Facebook!

Good Luck and Woohoo!

PS…  If you see an advertisement below…  we did not put it there.  so don’t encourage wordpress to put adds on pages.  ignore it.

keeping it in the neighborhood

25 Oct

We adore our neighbors across the way at Greenhouse Tavern, and last week for Cleveland Beer Week they gave us yet another reason to love them more.

It’s been years since Three Floyds Brewing has been able to send their delicious brew into Ohio and in honor of them coming back, the lovelies over at Greenhouse decided to have a wildly extravagant evening of food and beer pairings prepared by two of Food & Wines Best New Chefs, Jonathon Sawyer of GH and Michael Sheerin of Three Floyds brew pub.  The night started with an array of fried snacks aka Best of Deep Fryer, including scotched quail eggs and stuffed padron peppers served with Gumball Head pale wheat beer.  The place was filled to the brim with foodies and beer lovers who wigged out over the appetizers but somehow managed to save a little room for the five courses to follow.

Dinner was, in true Greenhouse style, enormous in size and taste.  From duck ”mittens”, smoked sturgeon and beef shin(check the photo with a quarter for scale, wha!?!?!) to stuffed peppers and wild mushroom fregola for the vegetarians. Everything was phenomenal and perfect with the Three Floyds beer.   The finale was some of the best and most creative doughnuts any of us have ever had, coconut cream and fruity pebbles and pb&j, to name a few.

photos by paul sobota photography

Thanks for an awesome night greenhouse, we will see you soon!

Dredgers Union Website is now Live!

11 Oct


6 Jul

If you are in Cleveland and you are not here… then there might be a problem…

Something is up early at the DU today…

22 Jun

Kenny Crumpton from Fox 8 News stopped by EARLY this morning to talk with Danielle and Sean about the new DREDGERS UNION store.  Yes please!

The Dredgers Union Store

29 Jan

“Please allow us to introduce ourselves…”

The Dredgers Union store will be opening in Summer, 2011.  Located in the heart of Cleveland’s E4th St, the 4,500 sq foot store will feature a wide variety of home goods and mens’ and womens’ apparel.

As co-proprietors, Danielle and I have tapped into our years of collective retail/design/branding experience to build a store from the ground up that is not only unique to Cleveland, but also to the region and beyond.  We looked at our previously individual efforts in Room Service, Made in  the 216, and Wrath Arcane, and combined the best elements and experiences from each of them into the Dredgers Union.

Within these two categories of home goods and apparel, there will be a Dredgers Union private label mixed in with other select brands from all over the world.  The private label will be designed in the Dredgers Union lower level, and manufactured in the US.  We will also be working on collaborations with other established apparel and home goods brands from all over the world.

We will be posting more about brands and the store in the weeks and months to come.  We couldn’t be more excited!

Here are some photos of what we’ve been up too.  Much more to come!!!

Sean holding up a “mock flag” for the storefront design.

Danielle on the day we first saw the inside of the space.

The stairs leading from the sales floor to the lower level and design studios/offices.

Dana working on our “mock flag”.