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Dredgers Union Website is now Live!

11 Oct


6 Jul

If you are in Cleveland and you are not here… then there might be a problem…

Something is up early at the DU today…

22 Jun

Kenny Crumpton from Fox 8 News stopped by EARLY this morning to talk with Danielle and Sean about the new DREDGERS UNION store.  Yes please!

The Dredgers Union Store

29 Jan

“Please allow us to introduce ourselves…”

The Dredgers Union store will be opening in Summer, 2011.  Located in the heart of Cleveland’s E4th St, the 4,500 sq foot store will feature a wide variety of home goods and mens’ and womens’ apparel.

As co-proprietors, Danielle and I have tapped into our years of collective retail/design/branding experience to build a store from the ground up that is not only unique to Cleveland, but also to the region and beyond.  We looked at our previously individual efforts in Room Service, Made in  the 216, and Wrath Arcane, and combined the best elements and experiences from each of them into the Dredgers Union.

Within these two categories of home goods and apparel, there will be a Dredgers Union private label mixed in with other select brands from all over the world.  The private label will be designed in the Dredgers Union lower level, and manufactured in the US.  We will also be working on collaborations with other established apparel and home goods brands from all over the world.

We will be posting more about brands and the store in the weeks and months to come.  We couldn’t be more excited!

Here are some photos of what we’ve been up too.  Much more to come!!!

Sean holding up a “mock flag” for the storefront design.

Danielle on the day we first saw the inside of the space.

The stairs leading from the sales floor to the lower level and design studios/offices.

Dana working on our “mock flag”.

Bowery Lane Bicycles and the Dredgers Union

26 Jan

Alright, alright…  Enough already!  It’s about time we start talking about some of the brands that will be available in the Dredgers Union store.  If you still haven’t heard about the store, you can read about it here.

Bowery Lane Bicycles was started in NY in 2008 by some close friends of the DU.  Here’s a little bit of what they have to say about themselves :

“Ninety-nine percent of bikes sold in the US are not made in America. We are a part of the 1%. Our bicycles are welded, painted, assembled, packed and shipped in New York City. No big assembly lines, no mass production, no robots. Human hands. American Hands.”

In addition to carrying these bicycles, we at the DU have also begun development on a capsule collection of functional outerwear/apparel designed with the cyclist in mind.  This Bowery Lane Bicycle by Dredgers Union collaboration will also (of course) be made in USA, and designed in Cleveland/New York.


kinda awesomes!

16 Sep

Before losing 3 months worth of blog posts over at my RS BLOG (still shedding tears over that) I had a regular post series called KINDA AWESOMES, the last remaining of which can be found  here …I decided to carry the series over to the new blog, this being the first post of what will likely continue to be an ongoing series.

So please enjoy this list of things that I personally consider to be….KINDA AWESOME:

100% Made In The USA menswear event….in Minnesota!!!  well that is definitely KINDA AWESOME! (found via selectism)

While it may be LESS THAN awesome that I find myself  moving yet AGAIN, it is KINDA AWESOME that Design*Sponge featured my home in BOTH their BEST OF BIKES feature as well as their BEST OF KITCHENS feature!

(You may or may not have seen my home featured in Design*Sponge’s Sneak Peek Series back in March – Check it out HERE)

Font lovers:  Have you been to LETTER PLAYGROUND yet?  well, if not head over there because it is….KINDA AWESOME!

Maybe I have been living under a rock, but somehow only JUST learned of this song DOG DAYS ARE OVER by FLORENCE + THE MACHINE…which i think is…yes, it’s true…KINDA AWESOME

I also think its more than just “KINDA” Awesome that Cleveland’s own, VALERIE MAYAN has been killing it on this season’s PROJECT RUNWAY show…check it all out HERE.  You can also click on Valerie as a FAN FAVORITE here: VOTE! (and i hope the 83% of you who did NOT vote during the primaries at least take a moment to support a local designer by casting your vote this time, 🙂

i don’t think i even need to know what the rest of this place looks like…these doors alone are…kinda awesome! (found here)

xoxoxo  danielle