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Details article

2 Apr

Here is a link to the article in Details magazine about the “Rustbelt” that features a handful of Cleveland’s creatives, entrepreneurs, and chefs…

Dredgers Union cover story.

26 Jan

Danielle and Sean from the Dredgers Union are on this week’s cover of Scene Magazine. The article is about the power, place, and need of independent retail. You can read it online here.

Go Cleveland Ohio!

25 Jul

There are many nuances to living in Cleveland…or any place for that matter, not all of them good ┬ábut most certainly, MANY ARE.

Are these nuances, in the form of things to do or people I encounter any different, per se, from those of other cities? ┬áNot necessarily, but I appreciate them more because they define MY CITY…the place I CHOOSE to be, the place I was born and the place in the world I feel most connected to.

Funny thing is, the more I involve myself in MY city the stronger my connectedness and appreciation of it becomes.

There is all too often a negative perception of Cleveland from those outside of it, and sadly, Clevelanders don’t always help that, but one such Clevelander, full of pride for HER town, reached out to a magazine with worldwide circulation and declared her love of her city and this month, they recognized both her and Cleveland in the “GO” section of their magazine.

Well, “GO! ALICIA COSTELLO” for your efforts and “GO READYMADE MAGAZINE” for your lovely inclusion of our great city in your August issue!

xoxo Danielle