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all the days before tomorrow

27 Jul

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I am taking a break from writing a presentation I have to give in a few days and feeling like I have seen just about every other movie worth seeing on my apple tv, I rented ALL THE DAYS BEFORE TOMORROW, I have never heard of it and rented it simply because it was directed by a French Director and I tend to love French movies…so far, it’s pretty uninspiring…that is until this little bit of dialogue occurred:

Directed by: François Dompierre

Dialogue between the characters Wes and Allison:

Wes:  Do you see it [your future] as this thing far far away full of ideals and wonderful impossible things?  or do you see it as the next hour, the next morning?

Allison:  Does it really matter?

Wes:  I think so, one definitely feels better than the other, I think that’s what matters…

This struck such a chord with me.  KNOW HOPE.

xoxoxo  Danielle