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Dredgers Union Movie Party and Fall Hoodies!

4 Oct

Dredgers Union Summer Clearance Sale this Friday!

23 Aug

One of these things is not like the other… Can you find what it is? See below.

Dredgers Union on the Parsons website

30 Jun

The Dredgers Union has an article on the Parsons website.  The article gets into the private label in a bit more detail.  All things Cleveland are becoming all things period!  See the article here.


Something is up early at the DU today…

22 Jun

Kenny Crumpton from Fox 8 News stopped by EARLY this morning to talk with Danielle and Sean about the new DREDGERS UNION store.  Yes please!

So close, and yet SO CLOSE!

30 May

The storefront is up… The product is being received… The Dredgers Union is so close indeed!

Progress at the Dredgers Union Store

29 Apr

Where have we been? Where haven’t we been…

“Nothing great ever comes easy”, and this store is going to be beyond great! If anyone has walked past the site on East 4th Street, you may have noticed some heavy activity. Here is a look at what has been going on behind the plywood facade…

More images can be seen here …

– sEan

Dredgers Union Private Label Apparel and Home Goods

20 Feb

Private Label : Brand owned not by a manufacturer, but by a retailer, and sold exclusively by that retailer.

So what does this mean?  It means that in addition to carrying other brands from around the world, the Dredgers Union will feature it’s own seasonal line of mens and womens apparel, as well as home goods under the Dredgers Union label.  Designed in the DU studio, and manufactured 100% in our Chicago factory!  The full collection will be available in the Dredgers Union store, and also online.

Every step of the production process will be managed from our flagship store on E4th St in Cleveland, OH.  The lower level offices will house a complete design studio, including a special area for “made to measure” suiting and other custom items.  We are designing every piece of apparel and home goods from concept, to sketch, to pattern making, to sourcing of materials, to production.  Our unique ability to handle all of these steps will allow us to achieve a price point that is typically unheard of when it comes to high quality, domestically produced goods.  We are currently wrapping up the design phase for the Spring 11 Dredgers Union line.  Check out some images from our temporary studio.  More images to come…