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cinque terre

28 Feb

I am becoming very acquainted with the train system while I travel throughout Italy, and I could not possibly be a bigger advocate for high speed rail being the future of transportation in the US…WHY OH WHY DO WE NOT EMBRACE THIS FORM OF TRANSPORTATION HERE?!?!??!  all it is – is the PEOPLE making it a priority…do we want it?  HELL YES, we DO!

Ok, back to Italy…I left Venice for Genoa, a little dose of a NON-tourist town after Venice during Carnival was exactly the right idea!  Genoa is an underrated Italian town, the architecture is really beautiful.  From there was Cinque Terre.  The five little islands off the Ligurian Coast (Mediterranean sea or Italy’s Cote D’azur).

While I am a fan of the hot hot heat and love a coastal community in summer, this seemed to be the time to go, it was so sleepy and wonderfully perfect after the insanity that was Venice.  Just lovely.

So there is a walking path between all of the towns and they call it via dell’amore and from what i could tell this is where lovers go and they bring a lock, a symbol of their love, i imagine.  There were locks throughout the entire path…it was really sweet actually…see below:

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Cinque Terre. DO yourself a favor and come here next time you visit Italy!  I am off to bed now, early train ride to Florence!



xoxoxoxo danielle