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lost architecture & signage of Cleveland, USA.

25 Jan

What I love so much about cities and downtowns are the remnants of yesteryear…and ALL of the yesteryears…not just the ones introducing more classical architecture or the most current.  It is the character of the signage and the buildings from each chapter in a city’s history, mixed together that make up the character and fabric of a city.

Obviously the marketplace changes over time and businesses react to the changing trends; thus losing not just some of the great signage but in fact, many of the buildings themselves.  To some degree, this is sort of an inevitability, but walking around downtown today, some of my favorite places to go and to just admire are those that still suggest their era of origin.

We should make new buildings, I love modern and current architecture, but I love it more when it stands out as such in it’s context.

The Charles Dick freighter, 1969

Kon Tiki Bar in the Renaissance Hotel, 1969

W.25th & Bridge Ave. 1980

E.9th and Chester, 1971

E.9th and Superior, 1970

Bond Department Store at E.9th & Euclid, 1978

Payne and E12th, 1969

xoxo danielle

P.S.  Let’s enjoy one more! (thank you Wes.)  and thank you DALLAS ROGER’S flickr stream here.