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copenhagen cycle stats

7 Aug

A long time ago on my RS blog, I posted about the site: COPENHAGEN CYCLE CHIC. Well, this morning while re-visiting this blog I was really kind of blown away by the post on Cycle Stats…so, apparently at different points in the city are counters of some sort tracking the number of cyclist that ride by each day and the cumulative number for the year…and the numbers….ARE.REALLY.REALLY.HIGH. ┬áLike, for example, in this image below…

This reads:

You are cyclist number 5303 so far TODAY.

Out of 1,274,727 so far this year on this stretch.

I wonder if there was a counter in Cleveland, at say, the intersection of Detroit and W.25th, right at the start of the bridge, what that number might be….

xoxo Danielle