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pisa & florence

3 Mar

Italy doesn’t totally believe in the internet.  Wifi connections are sketchy and inconsistent at best, which in some ways is a GOOD thing for someone like me, who desperately needed this trip to ‘unplug’ for awhile…but I enjoy blogging and posting pictures and the internet is an essential part of that process, so forgive the delay, but this post will be of a Pisa and Florence.  I am in Rome today and will post on that and other cities I am visiting another time, but tonight, before collapsing into bed after a long day of sightseeing, i bring you a ‘snapshot’ of Pisa and Florence.

no mistaking this building now is there?!  I was surprised at how beautiful I found this building to be..yes, it’s totally leaning and all that, but it is also just a very attractive building as far as I am concerned.

it was hard to narrow down pics to include, these cities are just so incredibly photogenic.  When I get back home I am going to upload all to my flickr account and link each post over to that in case anyone is interested in viewing the rest of the images I took throughout Italy.

ciao for now!


oxoxoxo danielle

cinque terre

28 Feb

I am becoming very acquainted with the train system while I travel throughout Italy, and I could not possibly be a bigger advocate for high speed rail being the future of transportation in the US…WHY OH WHY DO WE NOT EMBRACE THIS FORM OF TRANSPORTATION HERE?!?!??!  all it is – is the PEOPLE making it a priority…do we want it?  HELL YES, we DO!

Ok, back to Italy…I left Venice for Genoa, a little dose of a NON-tourist town after Venice during Carnival was exactly the right idea!  Genoa is an underrated Italian town, the architecture is really beautiful.  From there was Cinque Terre.  The five little islands off the Ligurian Coast (Mediterranean sea or Italy’s Cote D’azur).

While I am a fan of the hot hot heat and love a coastal community in summer, this seemed to be the time to go, it was so sleepy and wonderfully perfect after the insanity that was Venice.  Just lovely.

So there is a walking path between all of the towns and they call it via dell’amore and from what i could tell this is where lovers go and they bring a lock, a symbol of their love, i imagine.  There were locks throughout the entire path…it was really sweet actually…see below:

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Cinque Terre. DO yourself a favor and come here next time you visit Italy!  I am off to bed now, early train ride to Florence!



xoxoxoxo danielle

arrivederci venice!

27 Feb

Well, I suppose if you are going to do Venice, Carnival really is the time to do it.  And well, if your going to do that, you really should DO it!

I dressed for the occasion and set out early yesterday so as to not miss out any of the festivites.  I had a great dinner at a seaside cafe then attended a concert in piazza san marco.

It was all a visual feast!  I am off to the train station now, Cinque Terre is next!

The image BELOW is the view of the streets from my hotel window.  Every little walkway crammed with people.

I love the image BELOW for several reasons…first of all, these little dudes were having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES, but i love little super hero’s all with their mommies…and i love how little batman dude, is just NOT impressed with the freddy krueger fight in front of him.

I had trouble sleeping and was up very early this morning, which it turns out, is the trick to capturing Venice at it’s finest hour…sunrise!  It was so beautiful, I HIGHLY recommend if you come here to do this one morning, go back to bed after, but it is totally worth it…


xooxoxo danielle

Planes Trains Automobiles AND Boats! Welcome to Venice Italy!

26 Feb

I have taken just a few of the pics from my first day in Italy and POLADROIDed them!  You may remember when I used the poladroid for my PARIS PICS on my last blog HERE.

This has been quite the adventure already!  I have never been on a REALLY BIG plane before.  I can’t recall what type of plane it actually was and I no longer have my boarding pass which may have told me, but it was big AND as a side note for others who fly often, and may be as obsessed with their Continental One Pass miles as I am, it was interesting that this was a plane with the Continental logo on the tail but the brand spelled across it’s belly was U N I T E D. That was the first time I have seen physical evidence of the merger.

Milan’s airport was very instinctive and operated pretty much just as any other airport experience except for the addition of customs, but I swear to you if you blink or sneeze you’ll have missed the entire customs process altogether, I was stamped and through it before I even realized I had been in a customs line.

The immediate recognition of Italian as the primary language coming out of nearly everyone’s mouth and standing next to an actual supermodel at baggage claim were otherwise the only indicators that I had essentially woken up across the ocean and in another country.

Turns out that Italian is not remotely instinctive to me.  I keep trying to use French here and cannot, no matter how many time I refer to my guide book, commit to memory language basics, “oui” falls out of my mouth instead of “si”.  EVERY.TIME.

Leaving the airport I took an hour long bus ride to Milan’s Central Station (pictured above) where I caught my train to Venice, and then took a water taxi to Piazza San Marco, which is where my hotel is (thankfully) located.  I am grateful for having selected the hotel that I did because the labrynth of walkways are so confusing that all I need to do is make my way back to the Piazza and I have found my hotel.

Speaking of my hotel…the room is as charming as it appeared on the internet and I LOVE it!  the picture below is the the roof across from my bedroom window.

Well, not spending much time online, but tonight is CARNAVAL here in Venice, so I am sure to be taking a LOT of photos and hope to get a chance in the next couple days to get more pics posted.

Ciao for now!  And you can revisit Paris Trip 09 pics HERE too if you want to take a visual vacation!


xoxoxo danielle