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25 Aug

What or Who is WARBY PARKER?  Well, as far as I can tell it’s just plain ol’ AWESOME, in the form of an affordable eyewear collection.

Apparently a group of 4 close friends got tired of prescription eyewear costing $300+ (me TOO!!!) and so they meticulously crafted their own collection of vintage-inspired yet fashion forward eyewear at a revolutionary price point…all glasses: $95.  dang.

check them out here.

PS !!  if your a clevelander or live in pittsburgh please don’t buy the same pair my friend Ryan already has or he’s gonna be super pissed at me for giving up this great resource…of course i have no idea which pair that is. Apparently his frame is the FILLMORE – so got that everyone?!?  nobody in Cleveland or Pittsburgh is allowed to by the Fillmores.  period. srsly.

hahhahhah (ryan we cool still bro?)

PSS !! Ryan: share and share alike 🙂

xoxo  Danielle