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Dredgers Union Interns are leaving us…

28 Jul

Today is a sad day for the DU, as our interns from Kent State are done with their amazing journey that has been their internships. They left feeling very rewarded and they might have even been crying.


Alexa Bull
Mackenzie Frank
Salena Holmes

PS. some of them are going to study abroad where there are lots of meatballs next semester.

Salena and Alexa
The “Kamenzie”

Salena’s mix tape of… hmmm…

BEHIND THE DESIGN: 216 event artwork

18 Jul

Every time I produce a MADE IN THE 216 event, I am asked WHO did this design?!?!  Well in the past, every year i had a different local designer do the artwork and i LOVED how different the artwork felt from show to show.

Somehow though, when I met the boys (Lee, Mark & Joel) at  Kiddo Design (TWITTER: @heykiddodesign) it just stuck!  I have broken my own rules and have hired them the last 2 events in a row.  Maybe it is just because working with Lee (TWITTER:@lazelenak) Mark (TWITTER: @marknizinski) & Joel is just so much fun!  Or they have wooed me with their use of animals knitting…either way, their ideas really capture the essence and the whimsy of what I try to create in 3 dimensions at the actual event.

The campaign these guys did for this year’s MADE IN THE 216 & Grand Opening of Dredgers Union party made it to an awesome design blog called design work life.  Check it out!

Below are the main image and supporting image from this year’s campaign as well as the artwork for last year’s Holiday Shoppe & grand re-opening of Room Service, which was the first work I had done by Kiddo.

Below are a few of my other 216 postcard favorites.  The “loveboat” by David Jurca and the red one by The Bubble Process.

thanks again for stopping by!  xoxox danielle

More from NY

18 Jul

Jon and Matt from CXXVI working the “made by” section of Project. Their booth upstairs has some of their S12 wovens (button down shirts) that were co-produced by the DU. Go America!


Spring 2012 DU Men’s Buying Trip

17 Jul

I’m in NY this week buying men’s for next Spring/Summer. I came across a greeting card company that was making hand made letter press cards… And being a new dad, I couldn’t resist!






6 Jul

If you are in Cleveland and you are not here… then there might be a problem…