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11 May

Click the image below to see the Dredgers Union S12 Lookbook!!!

Dredgers Union Summer 2012 Lookbook – Behind the Scenes

10 May

Here are some behind the scenes shots from our upcoming lookbook shot on location at Edgewater Park. We are so excited for everyone to see the results!


Sean and Danielle both doubled as photographers for the day.


Jen live instagramed the entire day! (follow us on instagram @Dredgers216)





“I’m taking a picture of you… taking a picture of me… taking a picture of you!”




Our very talented models, Samantha and Tom, most likely freezing to death.





9 May

We’re super stoked that we drilled some holes and hung our new seamless with chicken wire in our studio! Tomorrow we’re doing our first ever photo shoot with humans in DU clothing. Yayo!

behind the scenes

12 Oct

Awhile back one of my best friends, Hannah, who is a Photographer currently based here in Cleveland, came in to shoot some images around our office and design studio.  She just quietly moved about taking images stealthily as we went about our business.  These are the resulting images.  I meant to post this months ago, but admittedly the file got lost in the insanity that had for the last several months, been known as my computer desktop.  Having finally organized and thus found said file, I would like to share this unique perspective now.

More of Hannah’s photography can be found on her website:

xoxox  Danielle

another picture day

6 Oct

Scott from Aperture in Tremont took Sean and I on a roving picture day in the area surrounding our downtown store today.  No digital here, he was experimenting with a very cool old 70’s model Polaroid and another manual camera. Even though I realize he is a purist (most of the time) and is therefore unlikely to Photoshop to make us look thinner and younger than we are, it was still a lot of fun!  Thanks Scott!!!

below is my cell phone camera snap shop of Scott shooting Sean.

We met Scott, when Positively Cleveland (CLE +) hired him to shoot our image for the travel guide for the city (shown here below:)

Check out Aperture in Tremont or their blog online.  Below is a series of Ohio City polaroids I discovered on their blog:

Happy Weekend!

xoxox  danielle

Fall 11 Cleveland Plain Dealer Photo Shoot at the DU Today!

30 Aug

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is using the Dredgers Union lower level as a staging area for their Fall 11 Fashion Shoot. We’re also in the process of taking photos for our e commerce launch… so the number of camera clicks in the store today is mind blowing.

Venice Italy

26 Feb

Not much to say here.  Venice is an unrelentingly good photo subject.  I could have a blind fold on and take a good picture here, of this there is little doubt.  I just wanted to post some of my favorites from this morning’s walk.

It is carnival, so I will do a separate post of just that when I have time.  The costumes are outrageous and even I am dressing up for it tonight!


x oxo danielle

Planes Trains Automobiles AND Boats! Welcome to Venice Italy!

26 Feb

I have taken just a few of the pics from my first day in Italy and POLADROIDed them!  You may remember when I used the poladroid for my PARIS PICS on my last blog HERE.

This has been quite the adventure already!  I have never been on a REALLY BIG plane before.  I can’t recall what type of plane it actually was and I no longer have my boarding pass which may have told me, but it was big AND as a side note for others who fly often, and may be as obsessed with their Continental One Pass miles as I am, it was interesting that this was a plane with the Continental logo on the tail but the brand spelled across it’s belly was U N I T E D. That was the first time I have seen physical evidence of the merger.

Milan’s airport was very instinctive and operated pretty much just as any other airport experience except for the addition of customs, but I swear to you if you blink or sneeze you’ll have missed the entire customs process altogether, I was stamped and through it before I even realized I had been in a customs line.

The immediate recognition of Italian as the primary language coming out of nearly everyone’s mouth and standing next to an actual supermodel at baggage claim were otherwise the only indicators that I had essentially woken up across the ocean and in another country.

Turns out that Italian is not remotely instinctive to me.  I keep trying to use French here and cannot, no matter how many time I refer to my guide book, commit to memory language basics, “oui” falls out of my mouth instead of “si”.  EVERY.TIME.

Leaving the airport I took an hour long bus ride to Milan’s Central Station (pictured above) where I caught my train to Venice, and then took a water taxi to Piazza San Marco, which is where my hotel is (thankfully) located.  I am grateful for having selected the hotel that I did because the labrynth of walkways are so confusing that all I need to do is make my way back to the Piazza and I have found my hotel.

Speaking of my hotel…the room is as charming as it appeared on the internet and I LOVE it!  the picture below is the the roof across from my bedroom window.

Well, not spending much time online, but tonight is CARNAVAL here in Venice, so I am sure to be taking a LOT of photos and hope to get a chance in the next couple days to get more pics posted.

Ciao for now!  And you can revisit Paris Trip 09 pics HERE too if you want to take a visual vacation!


xoxoxo danielle

lost architecture & signage of Cleveland, USA.

25 Jan

What I love so much about cities and downtowns are the remnants of yesteryear…and ALL of the yesteryears…not just the ones introducing more classical architecture or the most current.  It is the character of the signage and the buildings from each chapter in a city’s history, mixed together that make up the character and fabric of a city.

Obviously the marketplace changes over time and businesses react to the changing trends; thus losing not just some of the great signage but in fact, many of the buildings themselves.  To some degree, this is sort of an inevitability, but walking around downtown today, some of my favorite places to go and to just admire are those that still suggest their era of origin.

We should make new buildings, I love modern and current architecture, but I love it more when it stands out as such in it’s context.

The Charles Dick freighter, 1969

Kon Tiki Bar in the Renaissance Hotel, 1969

W.25th & Bridge Ave. 1980

E.9th and Chester, 1971

E.9th and Superior, 1970

Bond Department Store at E.9th & Euclid, 1978

Payne and E12th, 1969

xoxo danielle

P.S.  Let’s enjoy one more! (thank you Wes.)  and thank you DALLAS ROGER’S flickr stream here.

Love Lost

20 Dec