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Mom & Pop in the 216 thru images…

16 Feb

Thank you to everyone who participated in, came to, or even just thought about the first ever Mom & Pop in the 216. Ned from the Dredgers Union took these images on the morning of the second day…

Mom & Pop in the 216 Show Guide

7 Feb

Here is the official show guide with info on all the participating vendors. Click the image to enlarge.

Mom & Pop in the 216!

6 Feb

We are so proud of how this event is shaping up. Friday, Feb 10th from 4pm to 10pm and Saturday Feb 11th, 11am to 5pm, come to the Dredgers Union and witness the retail superstars that can truly call themselves “Mom & Pops in the 216”! 13 area retailers under one roof with products ranging from apparel, to jewelry, to home goods, to cameras and beyond.  Vendors will have an assortment of full price merchandise as well as discounted goods.  This event has something for everyone!

Participating retailers are:
Banyan Tree
Blue Envelope
CLE Clothing Co.
Dredgers Union
Evie Lou
Green Roots Collection
Lingg Showroom
Lizzy & Jane
Ohio Knitting Mills
Room Service

For the opening party on Frday,  Happy Dog will be providing delicious hot dogs and adult beverages in honor of the Cleveland Music Club Coalition and DJ Peter Pleasure Cruise will be spinning the 1’s and 2’s.

Dredgers Union cover story.

26 Jan

Danielle and Sean from the Dredgers Union are on this week’s cover of Scene Magazine. The article is about the power, place, and need of independent retail. You can read it online here.

DU Made in USA Custom Shirting Program!

7 Dec

We’re pleased to announce the start of our Made in USA Custom Shirting Program! Here’s how it works:

You set up an fitting appointment with our in-house design team to be measured, and also pick out styles and fabrics for your custom order. A week later you come back to try on your “prototype” shirt to make sure everything is fitting the way you want. Then Four weeks later you will receive you own custom Made in USA production run. We make it super easy, and super affordable. We offer this for both men and women!  For more info email


Final Clue for Hunt in the 216!

25 Nov

Here it is…  The final clue for the first ever DU Hunt in the 216!

In the heart of downtown this time I will stay,
On this glorious, victorious, final clue day.
To a street formerly known as Sheriff I will go,
And find a place that sells a “crush”, and the stuff we call Joe.

Then I’m gonna book it to DU and win!

Remember, the first person to relay the message on the puzzle pieces wins $100 gift card, and gets to name a piece from the DU S12 line, and get that piece in his or her size when the line is released.  No phone calls, you must be here in person to win…

Also, anyone that comes in with the completed message after the winner gets 20% their entire purchase at the DU today!

The city of Cleveland was also kind enough to offer free metered parking downtown today in honor of the release of today’s final clue!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!!!

Dredgers Union “On the Map” Video

22 Nov

Below is the Dredgers Union segment from the “On the Map” video series created by Go Media.  They dropped by the DU a few months back to chat with Sean and Danielle.

On the Map is a video series featuring the people and places that make Cleveland a creative, culturally rich, and inspiring place to live and work.”

Check it out!

American Made

4 Nov

It’s rare that background stories from the factory make it to the retail floor. This is one that has to be shared…

Our factory was running late on the second delivery of our Dredgers Union womens line. They knew we had set a date for our “Fall Collection Release Open House”, but were still having trouble making the deadline, given the days that shipping would add.

So they personally drove the balance from Chicago to our store last night.

Try getting that done overseas.

Dredgers Union Website is now Live!

11 Oct

Photos of the DU Movie Party

8 Oct